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Crystalyx Easy Breather is a feed lick specially designed with the intention to help alleviate stress and respiratory problems in calves and sheep. Respiratory problems in calves and sheep are most prevalent in autumn and winter, especially when the animals are housed. Containing menthol and eucalyptus Crystalyx Easy Breather offers a natural aid to maintain a healthy respiratory system.

Key Features
  • Optimises performance by stimulating forage intakes and digestibility while providing all essential mineral, trace elements and vitamins.
  • Helps calves regain appetite after a stress or challenge.
  • A powerful natural aid to help calves resist respiratory challenges.
  • Reduces the risk of growth checks.
  • Intake per lamb 10g-20g per calf 30g-40g
  • Intake per sheep 30g-40g head/day older calves 80g-100g head/day
  • Available in 5Kg mini tubs and 22.5Kg tubs.
  • Beef Calves
  • Dairy Calves
  • Sheep

Bulk prices available;
You can save when buying in bulk!

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