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Crystalyx Pre-Calver is perfect for feeding to both dairy and beef cows during the dry period, as it provides a low calcium/high magnesium diet which greatly reduces the risk of milk fever and slow calving. The increased levels of magnesium contained in Crystalyx Pre-Calver helps improve muscle tone. Inadequate levels can lead to slow calving syndrome where calving can be difficult and prolonged.

Key Features
  • Optimises performance by stimulating forage intakes and digestibility while providing all essential mineral, trace elements and vitamins.
  • Maintains optimum blood magnesium levels to reduce the risk of milk fever and ‘slow calvings’
  • Supports and maintains a strong, health immune system.
  • Optimises calf health and vigour (more “get up and go”).
  • Reduces the risk of difficult calvings and retained placenta.
  • Conditions cows during the dry period to maintain optimum health.
  • Replenishes trace elements and vitamin reserves pre-calving.
  • Intakes 180-250g per cow per day
  • Available in 22.5Kg tubs and 80Kg buckets
  • Beef
  • Dairy

Bulk prices available;
You can save when buying in bulk!

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