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Calciject 40 is indicated in the treatment of hypocalcaemia in cattle where increased blood magnesium levels are also required.

Calciject 40 No 5 Solution contains:

– 11.9g Calcium (provided by Calcium Gluconate and Calcium Borogluconate)

– 1.85g Magnesium (provided by Magnesium Hypophosphite)

– 6.84% w/v Boric Acid.

Dosage & Administration:

– By subcutaneous or slow intravenous injection.

– Cattle: 200 – 400ml

Withdrawal Period:

– Cattle meat/milk: Zero days/hours.

The solution should be warmed to body temperature before administration. Intravenous injections should be given slowly, in order to avoid possible neuromuscular dysfunction and cardiac insufficiency. Normal aseptic precautions should be observed. Sites of subcutaneous administration should be massaged gently

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