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The Eton 1.5kg Feeder is ideal if you need to feed a few birds (approx. 3 – 4) at the same time as the construction of the feeder allows birds to gather round in a circle. The feeder holds 1.5kg of pellets or grain and is easily refilled by tipping feed through the two openings at the top of the feeder. The food will spill out through the holes at the bottom into the orange tray. The feeder is made from a durable plastic and is easily cleaned by separating the white part of the feeder from the orange bottom part of the feeder by unscrewing the metal rod. The feeder can be placed on the ground or raised off the ground by attaching the looped end of the metal rod to a hook. The feeder is sturdy and robust and, when filled with feed, should remain steadfast on the ground.

This feeder is suitable for chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks and game birds.

Size: dia 20cm, Height approx. 20cm

Material: Plastic with metal rod

Colour: Orange/White

Bulk prices available;
You can save when buying in bulk!

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