Pet & Poultry Supplies

Here at Farm & Country, we offer a wide range of quality pet supplies. For everything from cats and dogs to poultry and more, our products are all guaranteed to help provide pet owners all the support they need.

Our shells are full of quality products all guaranteed to help pet owners provide the very best for the cats, dogs and other pets.

Cat Food

No matter your cat's preference, dry or wet we work with the highest quality food brands such as James Wellbeloved, Gelert, and Go-cat to guarantee our shelves are stocked to the brim to ensure your pets happiness.

Dog Food

No matter your dog's preference, dry, wet or frozen we work with the highest quality food brands such as Gelert, Chudley's, and Chappie to guarantee our shelves are stocked to ensure your pets happiness.

Visit our country store for a wide range of options for older dogs and puppies alike.


We stock a wide range of poultry supplies including poultry feeders, chicken feed, hatching equipment, health care, housing and chicken wire.

Your One-Stop Shop for All the Pet Supplies You'll Ever Need

Whether you keep a dog, a cat, a budgie or a rabbit, here at Farm & Country we know that your pets become part of your family and we treat them like such.

We stock a wide range of products from food, bedding, and accessories to ensure your pet gets the love and care it needs to stay both happy and healthy.

We work with a wide range of popular pet food brands such as Natures menu, Gelert, Chudleys and skinners to keep your pets in great shape. We also have SQP’s to advise on flea, tick & worm treatments ensuring their happiness & protection.

Our brand new showroom not only showcases our pet supplies, but also our workers are here to lend friendly, expert advice served with a smile to ensure your needs are met and that you leave satisfied.

Give us a call at 01420 83254 or pay us a visit today.

Visit Our Alton Showroom

Our brand new 2,500 square foot showroom offers a comprehensive range of pet supplies from leading brands at competitive prices including:

  • Dog Food

  • Cat Food  

  • Pet Accessories

Our store is based on the outskirts of Alton with great accessibility, directly into the rural hearts of Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex & Berkshire.

Our Promise to You

  • Friendly staff on hand to answer all your questions 

  • We will load your car for you

  • SQP advice on all your flea, ticks and worming requirements


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