10 preventative healthcare tips for keeping a healthy dog

There are many simple ways you can prevent illness, injuries, premature ageing, and a variety of other health problems in dogs. Remember dogs age much faster than humans. The equivalent of you going for a check-up once a year is going to the vet’s 4 to 5 times a year for your dog! The following article will provide you with a few care guidelines in order to set up an effective preventative healthcare plan for your pet.

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8 simple tips for bathing your dog at home

Like humans, doggies can get smelly. Sweat, muck and all the rest – so bathing your dog is a necessity. But it’s not as easy as taking your car to the jet wash. Your four-legged dirt-machine can be a tricky, sensitive and even snappy kind of terrier once they’re in the tub (and we don’t mean the snappy dressing kind). Let’s sort out the dos and don’ts of dogwash. Bring a towel. Or three.

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Top 10 dog friendly beaches in the UK

The UK has hundreds of hidden dog friendly beaches waiting to welcome your pup’s paw prints. Here are ten of our favourites – each of which is open to dogs all year round. No restrictions. Because your pooch deserves a summertime splash in the sea as much as anyone.

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